Class, Performance, & Lecture Schedule

  • 08/08/18, 6:00pm – MONOGRAMS, TAGGING, AND TATTOOS, similarities and differences in 3 unique forms of cultural expression. This lecture is part of Gallier Gatherings, advance tickets available here.
  • 06/28/18, 6:00pm – LETTERS READ: The Janet Mary Riley letters, Though Riley did not define herself as a second wave feminist, by today’s standards she was a quiet, fierce civil rights advocate and tireless women’s rights activist. Listen to the full recording.
  • 03/23/18, 1:00pm – LETTERS READ: The Luck of Friendship, Friday at Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré. This event is part of New Orleans Tennessee Williams Festival. Listen to the full recording.
  • 03/22/18, 9:00am – MRS. COLLINS REGRETS-Writing that Letter You Really Don’t Want to Write, Thursday at The Historic New Orleans Collection. This event is part of New Orleans Tennessee Williams Festival.
  • 02/14/18, 7:00pm – LETTERS READ: Text Dating, Wednesday at Antenna Gallery, 3718 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans.
  • 01/23/18, 7:00pm – CODEX, Tuesday at Crescent City Books, 124 Baronne St, New Orleans.
  • 10/21/17, 1:30pm – Monogram Class, Saturday at Gallier Historic House, 1132 Royal Street.
  • 10/21/17, 10:00am – Letter Writing Class, Saturday at Gallier Historic House, 1132 Royal Street, French Quarter.
  • 11/11/17, 6:30pm – LETTERS READ: Veterans Day, Saturday at Bastion, 1901 Mirabeau Avenue, New Orleans.
  • All Fundamental Letters classes are available for groups of 3 and more. Classes can be held on and at your turf and convenience, please inquire for pricing, availability, and scheduling:


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