Letter Writing Class

How to write a letter. Hands-on class, two-hour duration. Letter-writing-diagram

It’s not calligraphy or English composition. It is learning two distinct and compatible skills that may be new to attendees: 1. The five-point punch list for writing successful personal correspondence.
 2. Enabling people to become comfortable with their own handwriting for the purpose of writing personal correspondence.

This method of hand letter writing is unique to the presenter and not at all part of the calligraphic canon.

For centuries, woman and mankind have been crafting long-form essays and brief missives to friends and loved ones worldwide. Traditionally, these were sealed for privacy in an outer container, an envelope, ensuring that only the recipient read the message. This communication technique and discipline has been co-opted by quicker means for message transmission such as, but is not exclusive to email, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. Under a single umbrella, this is all referred to as social media. In the contemporary sense, social media includes image sharing platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Well, truth be told, letter writing is the original social media. While this class will not teach stone carving on tablets, nor making your own ink from ox gall or preparing papyrus to write on…it will be a lot of fun.

Bring your favorite writing instrument and paper stationery to practice on!

Bring your laptop to follow along and share. Or come on your own to absorb.


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