Letters Read

Letters Read New Orleans is a series of live events in which local performing artists interpret personal letters written by culturally vital individuals from various times and New Orleans communities. The series is ongoing, is a Nancy Sharon Collins, Stationer LLC and Antenna collaboration, and premiered May 17, 2017 during Antenna::SignalsNo.5. Here is the schedule:

Thursday, June 29th, 2017, 6:30-8pm
Letters Read: The Hermann & Grima family letters

Hermann-Grima House
820 St. Louis Street

This event will have special performances of letters from the Hermann and Grima family letters ca. 1830-1865 which certainly give us a glimpse into the era, including a love triangle that resulted in a duel, antiquated healthcare techniques including blood letting with leeches and homemade small pox remedies, stories from the front during the Civil War, and the occasional personal request (heavily paraphrased here) “dear brother…while you’re out and about during your stay in Paris, would you mind picking up for me a little opium?”

For more information and the complete program, go here.

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